“In June 2022, the Autonomous Region of Madeira broke the monthly record for guests and overnight stays in tourist accommodation”, reads a summary released by the Regional Directorate of Statistics (DREM).

DREM points out that, according to the first data for the tourist accommodation sector in the region for the month of June 2022, it is estimated that “177,700 guests will have entered, generating 948,700 overnight stays”.

These figures reflect “very expressive year-on-year variations, of +143.8% and +158.3%, respectively”.

“Both for guests and overnight stays, the values ​​of June 2022 represent absolute historical maximums, surpassing the previous records of August 2021, in the first case, and August 2017, in the second”, the document reads.

Overnight stays from visitors residing in Portugal grew by 51% in relation to the same month of the previous year, reaching 211.4 thousand (22.3% of the total), while overnight stays from residents abroad rose by 224.4%, reaching 737.3 thousand .

DREM points out that “guests who arrived in June 2022 residing in the country totalled 55.1 thousand, reaching 122.6 thousand in the case of residents abroad”.