Only five of the 60 reservoirs monitored had water availability greater than 80% of the total volume and 26 have water availability below 40% of the total volume.

Only the Ave basin exceeded, at the end of July, the average storage in the reference period (1990/91 to 2020/21).

On the last day of July, the Cávado (36.4%), Mira (37.2%) and Sado (41.1%) basins also had less water availability.

The Mondego (77.8%), Guadiana (66.3%) and Ave (59.2%) basins had the highest levels.

The Tagus Basin was at 51.9% of its capacity.

Each watershed may correspond to more than one reservoir.

At the end of June, more than a quarter of the mainland's territory was in extreme drought (28.4%) and the remaining territory was in severe (67.9%) and moderate drought (3.7%).