“Unfortunately, the factory was completely destroyed”, said the vice-president of the municipality, Magda Rodrigues, stating that only “the office and archival material” were saved.

According to the official, 20 people worked in the family business (mostly women), making the company a “very significant” employer for the municipality in the district of Coimbra.

“We have already spoken with the owner and the owner's children, having indicated, from a strictly legal point of view, that everything is in compliance and we will follow up as necessary” for the activation of insurance, she clarified.

According to Magda Rodrigues, there is still no indication of the total amount of damage caused by the fire at the factory, nor the total area burned by the fire that broke out at 3:30 pm on Monday and was declared extinct at 3:18 am today.

“We will go to the field to assess the impact of the fire,” she said, noting that she has no indication of material damage other than the factory.

Contrary to reports on Monday by a source from the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of Coimbra, Magda Rodrigues stressed that “it is not yet confirmed if the factory was the focus of the fire”.