The Construction Union of Portugal (SCP) has stated that "there is no shortage of manpower" in the construction sector, but rather a lack good salaries. "There is no shortage of manpower, people are not choosing to work in the sector because they can earn three or four times as much abroad," said the organisation's president, Albano Ribeiro.

According to Albano Ribeiro, in the last six years, 300,000 workers have left the sector, and 90,000 are currently needed to carry out public and private works in Portugal.

Highlighting the current situation of the civil construction sector, Albano Ribeiro said that "in the past, a worker who was from Amarante and came to Porto on Mondays, then went [home] on Fridays", and today they can "take a Ryanair flight and go to work in Germany" along the same lines, but earn €3,500.

Albano Ribeiro also said that "workers who may come to Portugal are welcome, but we need qualified labour", considering that "most people who come are not qualified workers".