According to the party, the objective of the demonstration was to “appeal for spaces like Zoomarine, to stop including circus shows with wild animals in their business model, and the company itself to rehabilitate its animals in a Sanctuary in nature”.

PAN continues to state that by doing this the “Amusement Park can thus renew its national and international public image and replace it with alternatives that do not imply keeping animals in captivity, in spaces about 200,000 times smaller than the territories they would occupy in their natural habitat, separated from the their social, family and cultural structures”.

“The PAN party is not against Zoomarine, on the contrary, it recognises it’s social and economic value in the region and only calls for a change in its business model, considering that Zoomarine could be a pioneer in the creation of the first Sanctuary in nature for animals in Portugal.

“There is a long way to go and PAN Algarve intends to be on the side of solutions, working together with Zoomarine in the search for sustainable commitments, both economically and environmentally, and in respect for all animals.

“We have already requested a meeting with the director of the space to talk about possible alternatives for a future that does not involve circus exploitation of sentient wild animals.”