According to information available at 10:30 am on the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) website, the fire that started in the town of Garrocho (Covilhã) was being fought by 1,176 firefighters, supported by 360 vehicles and 10 air assets.

A source from ANEPC’s Castelo Branco Relief Operations District Command told Lusa that firefighting is “evolving favourably”.

The fire broke out at 3:18 am on Saturday, in the town of Garrocho, parish of Cantar-Galo and Vila do Carvalho, in the municipality of Covilhã (Castelo Branco), and spread to Manteigas, in the district of Guarda.

A light rural firefighting helicopter suffered an accident on Tuesday afternoon during firefighting operations in Covilhã, without causing fatalities or injuries.

In the same fire, three firefighters and a forester on Tuesday suffered minor injuries.

At a press conference in the early evening, the Regional Operational Commander of the Center stressed that there was "a very serious situation" in the municipality of Manteigas.

“The situation that most concerns us is the fire front in the municipality of Manteigas. There are two active fronts, one in the municipality of Covilhã and the other in the municipality of Manteigas”, stressed António Ribeiro, admitting that he expected “a difficult night” and a lot of work.