The barometer assesses the safest areas of the country, taking into account the number of incidents (actual trips of alarms and intrusions).

According to the Barometer, the districts of Bragança and Guarda are the safest, both with an incidence rate of 0.06%, followed by Castelo Branco (0.08%) and Vila Real (0.09%). Completing the Top five is Viseu (0.10%).

Shops and restaurants

The Barometer shows, at a national level, that small businesses - shops and restaurants - recorded about six out of 10 attempts (56%) of theft or intrusion in the business sector, while companies registered 29% of incidents.

In the private sector, villas and houses represent the majority of incidents, with about nine out of 10 cases (86.3%). Apartments represent only 13.4%.

“Activating electronic elements that are, above all, deterrents, such as a home alarm or a video surveillance system connected to an alarm receiving centre, are the best recommendation to avoid situations of surprise”, says Luís Quintino, Director of Operations at Securitas Direct in Portugal.