According to the same source, the municipality “will extend the closure of the indoor swimming pools in Loulé and Quarteira” until the end of September, as well as the outdoor swimming pools in Loulé and Salir “on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays”, as of 22 August. With this measure, the municipality hopes to save 4200 m3 of water, “the average consumption of 420 dwellings during an entire month”.

Regarding public sports facilities, measures will be taken to “reduce water consumption by users and employees”, starting with the reduction of water pressure in taps and showers, as well as timers will be installed in showers.

Also, a reduction, or even suspension, of irrigation in public green spaces will be applied. Thus, irrigation, whenever possible, will be done “by hand and using water from Bicas Velhas”. The sources of Bicas Velhas may also serve as an alternative source of water resources “for washing streets and pavements”