The Government and the private sector have already begun negotiations for the case of children up to one year old who cannot find a vacancy in the IPSS (subsidised nurseries), but support for parents will only come from January. From next September, around 80 thousand children will start to benefit from free day care.

The measure includes children born from 1 September 2021. In July, the measure that results from this agreement for free day care, defined that between the government and the social sector, the State will pay 460 euros per month, for each child, to the Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS).

Parents who cannot find a vacancy for their children in IPSS, can only benefit from this support in the private sector from January.

Público reports that negotiations have already begun with the Association of Nurseries and Small Private Education Establishments (Acpeep), and it is guaranteed that the government will pay the same amount, per child, set for the social sector.

Until January, the families that didn't get a place in the social sector, will have to pay the respective monthly fees. In order to benefit from the support from January, they will still have to present a proof that proves that they didn't get, in fact, a place.

It has not yet been negotiated the question of the possible return of these monthly fees that should be paid between September and January.

The measure establishes that all pedagogical activities, food, enrolment costs, insurance and extension periods will be free of charge. The exception is only for activities considered extra pedagogical project, which are optional.

In April, it was announced that from the next school year, 2022/2023, the nurseries with an agreement with social security would be free for all children up to one year old. A measure with a budgetary impact of 16 million euros. The measure applies not only to nurseries, but also to nannies of the IPSS (Social Security Institute).