According to the National Civil Aviation Workers Union (SINTAC): “We will have other actions, although on these occasions, the best thing is to absorb everything that has happened, take stock of everything and see what we are going to do from [Monday]”, said Pedro Figueiredo, manager from SINTAC.

Regarding the balance of the three days of strike by Portway workers, which started at 00:00 on Friday and continued until midnight on Sunday, the union leader said that, in total, there is a record of the cancellation of “ 230 flights, at least”, at Lisbon and Porto airports.

“It is clear that the strike has already had its impact and we do not mean to say that we are happy to cause embarrassment. In fact, the company did very well in this regard because it managed to organize the airports and effectively managed to channel funds to be able to organize itself in this way. We would like it to be the same, the same attitude, towards the workers”, said Pedro Figueiredo, without advancing with figures related to the adhesion to the strike.