One technology that could change eCommerce forever is artificial intelligence. Better known simply as AI, this is a field of computer science that has been studied for decades. However, the last few years have seen an enormous amount of growth in the capabilities of AI. This growth offers a lot of opportunities to different industries all over the world including digital marketing and retail. Digital marketing Agency AWISEE makes use of AI tools which help them deliver the best results.

What is AI?

The goal of AI research is to create machines and computer programs that are capable of solving complex problems and carrying out tasks that would normally require human intelligence. The field has been a subject of study for many decades, but recent improvements in computing power and technology have allowed new research and progress to be made.

AI has a wide range of applications across many different industries, with a machine that’s able to solve complex problems being incredibly valuable. Once an AI is developed to understand certain areas, it can be used to answer questions, assist in driving cars and automate manufacturing processes.

The advantages of AI are that it can carry out calculations at a much faster rate and at a greater accuracy than humans. Computers have long been used for calculations, but combining this with an ability to process data will make them even more useful. In addition, AI programs don’t need breaks and can be programmed to learn as they go, getting better at a task over time.

How AI Is Being Implemented in eCommerce

AI has many different uses, including in eCommerce. As a highly competitive industry, eCommerce platforms and online retailers are always looking for ways to gain an advantage. AI could provide that advantage if applied correctly. Here are some of the current ways that AI tools are being used in the eCommerce industry.

Personalised Shopping Experience

Customers are more likely to enjoy their shopping experience if they feel that their needs are met and that they find everything that they want. Machine learning algorithms can be used to collect and analyse data on customers, building up a personal profile of each one. This data can then be used to work out exactly what kind of products the customer likes and make suggestions for other products based on these. Customers who receive personalised experiences will be more likely to shop with that platform, increasing customer retention and improving the lifetime value of each customer.

Improved Customer Service

Customer service is a major selling point of eCommerce platforms. Customers need to have trust in a platform before they use it, and helpful and attentive customer support is crucial to that. With AI becoming more sophisticated, many platforms now make use of AI customer support tools. These include chatbots, which help answer basic questions that customers might have about products or the site itself. This makes customer support far more efficient while still being personal and helpful.

Better Marketing Campaigns

Just as data can be used to give customers a personalised shopping experience, it can also be used to help improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Data on existing customers and their shopping habits can be used to target a similar profile of customers, leading to higher conversion rates and more sales.