Correio da Manhã reported on 22 September that the prosecutor in the Operação Lex case accused Rui Rangel of having received 900,000 in cash which he has deposited in his bank account, with a total of 270 deposits registered. Prosecutors believe this money comes from crimes such as passive corruption.

The first hearings into the so-called "Operação Lex" began on 21 September at the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ), with the hearing of the first witnesses, almost two years after the Public Prosecutor's Office charged 17 defendants. The case takes place at the Supreme Court of Portugal, as the crimes have judges from the court of appeal involved.

Rui Rangel, former judge of the Lisbon Court of Appeal, is being charged with two counts of passive corruption, four counts of abuse of power, one count of receiving undue advantages, one count of usurpation of office, six counts of forgery of documents, six counts of tax fraud and one count of money laundering.

Among the defendants are three former judges: Rui Rangel, Fátima Galante (Rangel's ex-wife and also a judge herself) and Luís Vaz das Neves (former president of the Lisbon Court of Appeal, who has since retired) and the former president of Benfica Luís Filipe Vieira, the club's vice-president, Fernando Tavares, the businessman José Veiga, etc.