Vanguard Properties has signed a memorandum of understanding with CUF for the installation of a proximity clinic in the Dunas subdivision of the Terras da Comporta tourist and residential project, in the municipalities of Alcácer do Sal and Grândola.

José Cardoso Botelho, told Lusa, the future private clinic, which represents an investment of two million euros – one million euros in facilities and one million euros in equipment – ​​will serve the two subdivisions of the Terras da Comporta, Dunas and Torre project, but also the local populations, namely in the Carvalhal area, with service available in several languages.

Essential service

“For us it is essential to provide a clinical unit with broad accessibility to all those who need to seek health care”, said José Cardoso Botelho, stressing that the future clinic “will be geared towards responding to the health needs of the local population and the enterprise customers”.

“As you know, there is only one medical centre in the area, in Alcácer do Sal, which is far enough away, and the Hospital do Litoral Alentejano (in the municipality of Santiago do Cacém), which is also quite far away. It was therefore an obvious decision to associate ourselves with a strong brand [CUF], recognised by most national and international insurance companies”, justified the general director of Vanguard Properties.

The CUF clinic will be installed in an NZEB building – 'net zero emission building' – entirely made of wood, like all the constructions foreseen in the Terras da Comporta project, which includes the tourist subdivisions of the Torre, in the municipality of Alcácer do Sal, and Dunas, in the parish of Carvalhal, municipality of Grândola, both in the district of Setúbal.

According to the director-general of the real estate company, the Dunas subdivision has around 750 housing lots, 330 tourist units and three hotels, with just under 300 rooms. In Torre, there are 245 lots for houses, 500 residential units in tourist villages and two hotels.

Luxury hotels

According to José Cardoso Botelho, Vanguard Properties is currently negotiating with four international luxury hotel brands, and the first hotels of the project are expected to be fully operational “in 2025”.

The first houses of the Terras da Comporta project “should be completed and sold between 2023 and 2024”.

The company official also mentioned that the Terras da Comporta project has a global investment of three billion euros – one billion euros in the Torre subdivision and two billion euros in the Dunas subdivision.

Vanguard Properties has also been developing, since 2017, another tourist real estate project worth around 200 million euros, in the village of Muda, also in the municipality of Grândola, with 200 houses of different types, service, commercial and sports areas.