A slightly more challenging but beautiful walk through the typical limestone Barrocal with amazing views, almost 2.5 hours.

10am start where we will meet at the Quiosque Olho de Boi at Fontes Grandes, Alte, (GPS 37.238774, -8.168628). On the EN124 from Alte towards Salir the Fontes is signed on the left. Follow the signs. and you will arrive at the Fontes with the small Quiosque on your right. For more information, please contact Sean & Diane on 925 637 121.

All are very welcome, there is no need to book. Please just come along wearing shoes suitable for country walking. There is a charge of 5 euro per person this includes a donation to charity. Full details www.portugalwalks.com.

Coming up:

Tuesday, October 11 - Let's Walk from Paderne

Friday, October 18 - Let's Walk from Vale Fuzeiros