The 16 hour twilight bark

EDITOR, I’m sorry, yet desperate, to raise the frustrating subject of dogs barking in Portugal.

I have an apartment in Alvor adjacent to a large villa. There are 8 separate condominium blocks surrounding the villa boundaries and, although a large number are rentals, some are owned by Portuguese families who live and work here. The family who own the villa live in Lisbon and visit very rarely. As a security measure they have 4 dogs roam the grounds which is well protected with large fencing and walls.

Its extremely sad that the dogs are never taken out of the grounds. One on occasion did manage to escape and attack residents walking dogs but improved fencing has resolved that issue. Someone arrives and feeds the dogs around 0800, I assume on their way to work. After this time there is relative quiet. They return at 5pm and once they leave shortly after, the constant barking starts. From 5pm to 8am the dogs are free to roam outside and bark almost continually. This has been occurring for almost a decade now!!

The big question is, how do we resolve this? Contacting the owners resulted in threats. The GNR have been notified many times by numerous, different parties but feel unable to help since they cannot gain access the villa grounds when it is unoccupied.

The local Câmara feel it is not part of their area of responsibility.

I understand there are rules on noise embargo during the night to ensure people get sufficient rest. I would hope the owners have a responsibility to ensure they comply with this law. I appreciate the need for security but there are far better methods nowadays that comply with the law.

I really doubt there is much anyone can do after a decade, but I would be keen to hear of any advice or options that might resolve this ongoing saga.

Name and Address Withheld, By email

A Disgrace

EDITOR, The Conservatória in Portimão is an absolute degrading disgrace and probably illegal.

On my visit last Friday there were over 20 people, including 2 prams with babies, waiting on the small shabby landing and both up and down stair-cases. Surely this gathering of so many people in this restricted area is dangerous especially should there be a fire and surely must be against the laws of the Fire Department. While I was waiting 2 chairs were brought out from the Conservatória making even more of a fire hazard.

The throng is expected to wait outside while one person at a time is allowed into the shambles of the office. Using the landing and stairs as the waiting room of the Conservatória must be illegal and breaking all fire regulations. How can this situation be allowed? This is 2022. Who is responsible for this office? If it is the Câmara of Portimão they should be ashamed. Do not think this is just a whinging estrangeiro, take a look at the comments from Portuguese calling their country 3rd World on the website for the Conservatória.

Gerald Atkins, Portimão, By email