As announced by the Government, consumers can now return to the regulated market. According to DECO, the regulated natural gas tariff is currently the cheapest one and will be the best option for consumers. “DECO is therefore very pleased that consumers can return to the regulated market and thus benefit from a regulated fee”.

For this reason, DECO advises consumers to carry out simulations to check which tariff is the most affordable and suitable for their consumption profile. If the regulated tariff is indeed the cheapest and if the current supplier does not offer a tariff equivalent to the regulated market tariff, consumers can sign a contract with a last resort supplier (comercializadores de último recurso in Portuguese).

It is important to note that last resort suppliers are entities holding a supply license responsible for supplying natural gas, through the application of fees set by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE).

In addition, the "bilha solidaria" campaign, which will help families (those already receiving the social energy tariff and minimum social benefits) by €10 per bottle of gas per month, has been extended until the end of the year. In addition, the Government has set a maximum selling price for gas cylinders.

Reducing consumption is key

In addition to lowering gas prices, DECO considers it very important to promote changes in consumer behaviour, by creating campaigns that facilitate the purchase of more efficient and electric appliances and that promote improvements in home insulation.

They also advocate for the acceleration and promotion of the strategy to combat energy poverty and application of minimum energy performance standards for buildings.

What can we do individually?

Although some specific measures can only come from above, DECO highlights some small gestures that are within the reach of all of us such as: use the right-sized burners on your cooker; when boiling water, avoid using more water than necessary; cover the pan for faster boiling; lower the heat when it starts to boil.

In the bathroom, DECO recommends reducing the temperature of the water. Taking a shower with a water temperature between 30º and 35º is enough and provides a high level of comfort. A temperature between 35º and 40º will consume more gas. In addition, people should opt for faster showers.

In terms of electrics, please “switch off standby equipment. If you are not using them, you should not have them plugged in, because you are consuming unnecessary energy”.

If you feel you need extra tips or support to find the tariff that best suits your consumption profile, contact DECO's Energy Advice Office through or on Whatsapp 966 449 110.