New Covid-19 rules for Portugal mean that there is no longer the need for mandatory isolation, if you have been infected with the virus, and a change of procedures related to Covid tests. The SNS24 line no longer prescribes tests for Covid, which are now reimbursed 100% as long as you have a medical prescription “in a health unit of the National Health Service”.

Now, if someone has symptoms, “as in any respiratory disease”, they should “seek to reduce the risk of contagion to others, in particular the most vulnerable”, recommending the use of a mask. In case of aggravation or persistence of symptoms, one should “seek medical advice, with the Health Center/Family Health Unit or SNS24 being the gateway to the SNS” or contact 112 in case of an emergency.

For work purposes, absences from work or school “the same mechanisms apply to other illnesses”. Thus, the mechanism for attributing temporary incapacity to work due to Covid-19 and the associated subsidy ends - that is, they start to have the regime for other illness situations.