The initiative "End bullfighting, please", was launched in front of the Campo Pequeno bullring, in Lisbon, at an event that was attended by several PAN leaders, representatives of associations and the leader of the Spanish PACMA party (Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal) Ana Béjar.

The objective is "to end this anachronistic activity that should no longer exist in the 21st century", explained the party's spokeswoman, Inês de Sousa Real.


The PAN leader called for the initiative to be boosted in order to gather as many signatures as possible and enable its discussion in the Assembly of the Republic.

As a way of setting an example, she was one of the first people to put her signature on the petition, which will be accessible on the PAN website and social networks, it was announced.

Speaking to Lusa, Inês de Sousa Real considered that, after the deputies had failed the abolition of bullfighting proposed by the PAN, it will now be "much more difficult to reject a civil society initiative that clearly shows what the position is in relation to these activities".

She pointed out, in this sense, "the countless petitions that have been made" to the Assembly of the Republic and the municipal assemblies.

"Across the country we see bullrings closing and society complaining about it," she said.

"It makes no sense that political power is in counter-cycle with what is the growing sensitivity of our society", she stressed, pointing out that "the various polls" mention that "Portuguese society does not like bullfights, it does not want to continue to mistreat animals".