“The temperatures are quite high for what is normal for the month of October. The high is eight to nine degrees above normal for the month of October. This situation of high temperature values ​​is expected, at least, until the 8th [Saturday] and on the 9th [Sunday] it is expected a drop to values ​​within the normal range for this month”, meteorologist Patrícia Marques told Lusa.

According to the meteorologist at the Instituto Português do Mar da Atmosfera (IPMA), maximum temperatures between 30 and 32 degrees are expected in Alentejo and Santarém and 34 in some locations in the interior of the Alentejo.

“The high maximum temperatures increase the risk of fire since we are in a situation of absence of precipitation that will remain at least until Sunday, although there is a possibility, of precipitation in the north and central interior region on the 7th or the 8th”.

Dust cloud

According to Patrícia Marques, the dust that has been in the air should start to disappear as of this afternoon.

“There is a depression south of mainland Portugal that is bringing the dust and high temperatures to the Iberian Peninsula. The concentration in the atmosphere is affecting areas of the central region and the southern region. These are higher-than-expected concentration values, but they are set to begin to decline as of this afternoon,” she said.

Patrícia Marques also said that as of Sunday, the forecast points to a drop in temperature and the return of rain.