Lisbon is still cheaper than Paris, the French capital, which took first place in the ranking, according to data report by Casafari - a company specialising in artificial intelligence data for the real estate sector.

A report from Dinheiro Vivo states that in Lisbon, in August of this year, the average sale price was €4,817 per square meter (m2), with Paris rising to €12,674 euros/m2. Prices in Madrid, Barcelona and Milan did not exceed €4,764 euros/m2.

More sales

The average value of sales prices in the five cities increased by 2.6 percent in August 2022 compared to the same month in 2021. But Lisbon and Madrid have the strongest price growth, with increases of 5.4 percent and 5 percent, respectively. In Barcelona, ​​prices remained stable, with a slight increase of 0.9 percent. In Paris, they fell by 0.6 percent, according to the Casafari data.

Rental prices

With regard to rental prices, the increases were larger than sales prices, with an average increase of 13.1 percent this year compared to the same period last year. Lisbon leads the group with a positive variation of 23.2 percent of annual growth in rents, while Paris had a more modest performance, with an increase of 5 percent.

There has been a decrease in the offer of properties for rent, with the number of advertisements decreasing, on average, by 32 percent. Lisbon was the capital that felt the reduction most in the supply of property listings, with a decrease of 52.3 percent. Milan and Barcelona fell by 37.2 percent and 31.6 percent, respectively, and Madrid saw a moderate decrease of 16.3 percent.

In terms of rent profitability, the report also reveals that investment varies between 4.7 percent in Lisbon, 5.3 percent in Madrid, 5.6 percent in Barcelona, ​​3.8 percent in Paris, 5 percent in Milan.

The Casafari Residential Market report analyses data from June to August 2022, highlighting the month of August, compared to the same period in 2021.