There’s probably nothing as Portuguese as nasal sounds. “Não” (no) is clear about that, because of the til. “Sim” disguises a nasal sound, since the ‘m’ is a sort of alert that ‘i’ has to be nasal. It gives a special never-ending feel to agreeing with the other person and should [possibly] contrast with your Spanish/Italian short “sí/sì”.

In case you want to diversity your “yes” in Portuguese, here’s 17 other options, varying according to personality, mood or situation:

1. impatient: sim, sim…

2. when getting married (trying to keep at least one thing simple): sim

3. indifferent: ok (+ shrug)

4. not really listening or wanting to start an argument, so better agree: pois…

5. 100% on the same page: claro! (with or without irony, your pick)

6. German-teen like: ya (not German, not quite ‘yeah’, but youngsters think it’s cool)

7. Let’s not make a big fuss about it: tudo bem

8. When in doubt: julgo que sim

9. Relaxed: na boa

10. Ok à la Portuguese (omit the first syllable): Tá bem

11. Cool: tá-se

12. If there’s no better option: pode ser

13. Chilled: tranquilo

14. With emphasis (and while opening your eyes wide): é

15. Pretending you’re following the conversation (by repeating the question verb): Ele gosta de caracóis? Gosta.

16. When a swear word becomes a “yes”: porreiro

17. The shy person who doesn’t get out much: thumbsup (not a word for the gesture in Portuguese, as far as I’m aware…).

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