According to the PSP, in a statement sent to the newsrooms, some restrictions have already started and will last until November 7.

Until the 6th of November, traffic on Avenida do Atlântico is closed and traffic on Alameda dos Oceanos, in the south/north direction, between the access gate to the ZAC and Rotunda dos Vice-Reis is restricted.

“The logistics and support centre for assembly and disassembly will be in the Matinha area, with permanent movement of heavy goods between Rua Cintura do Porto de Lisboa and Rua do Bojador”, reported the PSP.

From the 29th of October until the 6th of November, the Alameda dos Oceanos will be closed, in the south/north direction between the access gate to the ZAC and the Rotunda dos Vice-Reis; Rua do Bojador between Rotunda do Bojador and Alameda dos Oceanos and Avenida do Atlântico.

1 – 4 November

On the days of the event, between the 1st and the 4th of November, circulation will be closed throughout Alameda dos Oceanos (conditioned to emergency vehicles in the north/south direction between the Rotunda dos Vice-Reis and Rua Mar da China) and on Avenida da Índia between Alameda dos Oceanos and Avenida Dom João II, "where access to the park and loading and unloading operations will be guaranteed".

Rua do Bojador will be closed to circulation on the section between Rotunda do Bojador and Alameda dos Oceanos and Avenida da Boa Esperança will be subject to circulation between the Rotunda dos Vice-Reis and Torre Vasco da Gama, being only accessible to authorised vehicles.

On the same days, “there may be restrictions in other parts of the city, namely in Bairro Alto” ​​- where, in case of need, given the high number of people, the access streets can be closed, except for residents -, in “Rua da Misericórdia”, Cais do Sodré and interior arteries, Av. Sidónio Pais - Carlos Lopes Pavilion, Beato Recreativo Hub, Beato Convent, Praça do Comércio, Necessidades Palace, area surrounding the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Rua do Açúcar – Armazém 16”.

In terms of public transport, this will be reinforced with itineraries to the Parque das Nações area. Carris will have a dedicated stop on Avenida D. João II, TVDE will have a drop off on Rua do Caribe and taxis will reinforce the stopping area of ​​existing squares.