Hundreds of students dressed in their House Colours were cheered on for what was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, rounded off with a slice of celebratory anniversary cake after crossing the finish line.

There were lots of coloured faces and garments at the end of the day, but also plenty of huge smiles and laughter that reflected the momentous occasion.

Addressing attendees at the Colour Fun Run, Francisco Claro, Head of Nobel Algarve’s National Section reflected on the school’s long and outstanding history, telling those present: “you all make the school what it is today”.

He gave a special word of thanks to the teachers and staff for their dedication to the school and said while there have been many events over the years, none perhaps was as poignant as the 50th anniversary.

This sentiment was echoed by Scott Pryde, Head of the International Section, who expressed his pride in the student community as a whole and underlined the importance of the House spirit, mutual support, and unity.

“We are all in different Houses, but always remember, we are one school”, he stressed.

Nobel Algarve has gone from strength to strength since its founding in 1972, growing from a small family-run international school to being the southern Portugal’s premier international school, part of one of the world’s leading K12 education groups with two ambitious expansion plans in place.

In 2019, Nobel Algarve became a member of the Globeducate group, one of the leading international K 12 education groups in the world: a network of 55+ premium bilingual and international schools as well as online programmes, educating 31,000 students in ten countries.

Nobel Algarve integrated Globeducate’s prestigious British International School cluster, a new group of schools with a shared educational philosophy who all work together to improve teaching and learning and provide exceptional opportunities for the whole educational community.

And earlier this year Nobel Algarve unveiled impressive expansion projects for both of its campuses, part of Globeducate’s ongoing investment in southern Portugal’s premier international school.

In speeches to their peers, student leaders Aidan D'Silva and Sophia Casanova gave their personal views on Nobel Algarve turning 50. While Aiden shared the “lasting impact” that Nobel Algarve and it’s “world class education” have had on him, Sophia focused on what she believes makes the school so special, praising it for being “a melting pot of diversity”.

Head of School Abi Lewis, also gave a few words to reflect on the day, saying: “The Colour Fun Run was a fantastic way for Nobel Algarve to kick start its 50th Anniversary celebrations. It was a real spectacle to see students running in clouds of coloured dust, but the joy on their faces was priceless!

“We have much to celebrate here at Nobel Algarve - our history and traditions as well as our future; with the incredible new development on the way, it really is a very special time in Nobel Algarve's journey."

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