Based in the Algarve, Lazer Telecom’s ultra-fast fibre broadband services ensure high availability and mission critical internet access, powering homes and businesses. NoFrixion ensures that Lazer Telecom’s customers will enjoy the same lightning fast service without the invoicing and billing friction.

The partnership with NoFrixion will provide convenient, fast and simple payments methods for customers of Lazer Telecom, cutting out manual processing and enabling real time financial information.

There has been enormous innovation at the consumer end of payments in recent years but almost none in business payments. Now NoFrixion is delivering efficiencies and savings to Lazer Telecom and core to the service is NoFrixion’s MoneyMoov API, which bridges legacy and digital infrastructure while simplifying payments automation, making the use of internet banking redundant.

Des Wynne, CEO of Lazer Telecom said: “Real time payments are vital to modern business, and our partnership with NoFrixion is part of our relentless commitment to our customers, to provide them with the fastest speeds and best service available. This new initiative underlines this commitment and cements our position as one of the fastest and most reliable broadband providers in Portugal, and the undisputed customer service champion.”

“Redefining the possibilities of payments and banking, our MoneyMoov API is fast becoming the industry standard for directly integrating traditional banking and payments services with modern business applications,” said Feargal Brady, CEO, NoFrixion. “It enables automated reconciliation, collection and settlement of funds in real time using a single API.”

“We have absolute confidence that Lazer Telecom’s upgrade to NoFrixion’s digital payments platform will accelerate the company’s growth plans, freeing it from the tyranny of manual processing,” he said.

Established in 2021, NoFrixion is a fast-growing digital payments provider headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, which specialises in Banking as a Service solutions for business across the EU and UK. It’s award winning MoneyMoov API is powering a whole new generation of businesses to grow beyond the limitations of legacy banking and payments systems.