Based on the current context of the labour market, people earn more, year on year, that is until they reach the age of 50, when wages tend to decline.

According to a report by Expresso, which is based on data contained in the proposed State Budget for 2023 (OE2023) and on the opinion of experts, on average, the main justification for this is the qualifications of the different generations. At the same time, another phenomenon is taking place: the reduced ability to reintegrate into the market when people become unemployed.

At the end of last year, there were around four million people deducting from Social Security, writes the publication, noting, for example, that younger people earn less than the next generation, and so on.

The data shows that from the age of 20 until 50, salaries increase for both men and women, up to a maximum average of €1,685 for men and €1,298 for women. From the age of 50 salaries are then in decline, dropping to €1,589 for men and €1,108 for women at the age of 64.