The event, co-organised by the skateboarding associations WallRide (Faro) and CS8125 (Quarteira), celebrated skateboarding culture at its finest, with a taste of Halloween in the mix and plenty of social consciousness.

The date took place within the WallRide Sundays concept – monthly events organised by WallRide, happening in the last Sunday of each month, at Faro skatepark and was supported by skateboarding distributor Marteleira, local clothing brand Lowkey, and Faro’s branch of Domino’s Pizza.

On the social consciousness front, the skateboarding community was able to raise over one hundred clothing items and blankets, which will be donated to those who need it most.

Beyond the skateboarding participants, WallRide estimates that almost three hundred people attended the event, a reality which contrasts deeply with the skatepark’s recent past when, - prior to June 2021 (when the Association made its public debut with Faro Townhall’s full support – the sports equipment was de facto abandoned and rundown, and having a reputation for antisocial, delinquent and even violent behaviours.

Today, Faro skatepark has been returned to all sports enthusiasts, who, as a consequence of the work developed by the WallRide Association, can enjoy a clean and safe space, which welcomes all citizens regardless of age, ethnicity, social stratosphere, gender or nationality.

To learn more about WallRide’s work, and how to support it, the Association has a pretty active presence on its social media accounts:, and