The chairman of the ANAC Board of Directors, Tânia Cardoso Simões, was speaking at the Economy, Public Works, Planning and Housing Commission, where she was called, at the request of the PCP, for clarification on the security fee charged to passengers and that, from 2021 to 2022, increased by more than 80%.

In response to PS deputy André Pinotes Batista, on the challenges faced by the various airport operators with the recovery of post-pandemic air traffic, the official pointed out, among other constraints, the shortage of human resources and warned: “For the year, all this work continues, with the difference that we cannot say that we will be surprised by the issue of human resources, but there are no solutions in sight”.

The official warned that the shortage of human resources “remains a challenge for the summer of 2023”.

Regarding the security fee, which is one of the airport fees and which increased to 3.54 euros, reflected in the price of tickets, she explained that the amount is justified by the costs of services related to security.

“These costs effectively translate into improvements” in the service, guaranteed the official, admitting that there may be a perception of poor quality of service, especially at Lisbon airport, but that this is not specifically related to security.

As for airport fees for 2023, the president of ANAC said that the regulator "has already taken a decision", with no change expected beyond what was considered "predicted and adequate".