Saturday will be "generally very cloudy in the Centre and South, with periods of rain and a little cloudy in the North". According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), there are still forecasts of fog or morning fog and frost formation in the Interior.

There will also be "periods of rain from the morning on the coast south of Cabo Carvoeiro, gradually extending to the interior of the Centre and South regions", as well as the "possibility of snowfall in the highest points of Serra da Estrela from late afternoon".

As far as temperatures are concerned, expect a "small drop in the minimum in the North" and a "small rise in the South".

In Lisbon, temperatures will range from a minimum of 7ºC to a maximum of 14ºC. In Porto, these will vary between 5ºC and 15ºC. The district of Bragança will be where it will feel the coldest, temperatures are to fall to lows of -2ºC.

Vila Real, Guarda and Viseu have feel minimums of 0ºC.

Sunday forecast

On Sunday, it will be similar to the day before. Expect, according to the IPMA, "periods of very cloudy skies, with generally little cloudiness in the southern region until the end of the morning."

Showers will appear in the North and Centre regions, turning into snow "at the highest points of Serra da Estrela". If you are in Baixo Alentejo and Algarve, expect rain "from the end of the afternoon".

As for temperatures, Bragança will once again be the coldest district, with -3ºC. This is followed by Guarda with minimums of 1ºC and maximums of 8ºC.

In contrast, Faro is the area of ​​mainland Portugal for which the highest maximum temperature is expected: 18ºC. Lisbon will be at 15ºC maximum and Porto at 14ºC.