The opening of this new store has led to the creation of 22 new jobs.

“This investment, along with the rehabilitation of NOVA's sports infrastructure on the FCT campus, [carried out by private individuals] aims, first and foremost, to improve the quality of life of those who will always be our main focus: the students on this campus. And it is also part of an ambitious strategy for the requalification of the entire campus, in order to provide the best conditions for teaching and research, while opening the university to the surrounding community and, in this way, contributing to its mission of creating impact positive in society”, says João Sáàgua, rector of Universidade Nova, in a statement tp ECO.

The opening of the store is also part of a broader project for the socio-economic transformation of the region, the “Innovation District”, led by Nova, launched last year in partnership with a group of landowners from the Monte da Caparica and Porto Brandão areas, with the aim of creating a new global city in Almada.

“Nova is strongly committed to the socio-economic transformation of Almada through the 'Innovation District', and to which it will contribute from its campus in Caparica, opening it up to the populations and companies in the region and with them creating value through the knowledge”, emphasizes João Sàágua.