According to The Guardian, which cites the court's decision, emigrants who went to the United Kingdom after Brexit cannot be prevented from remaining in the country even if they have not applied for a new residence permit, since the elimination of the right of residence can only be done in very special circumstances.

According to the judge of the British Supreme Court, what is stipulated in the agreement that regulates the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is a “wrong law”, since it “intends to revoke the right of permanent residence”, which can only be lost in very special circumstances.

According to the rules that are still in force, since the official exit from the European Union, emigrants from European countries who settled in the country less than five years ago were given pre-settled status, and if they have not since then submitted a new residence application, updating their situation to settled status, they automatically lose the right to reside, work, rent a house or have access to public services, namely health, stresses the British newspaper.

The British Government has already reacted by saying that it does not agree with the interpretation of the law and that it will appeal the decision.