According to the weekly reservoir bulletin, published by the APA on Tuesdays with data from the previous Monday, of the 75 reservoirs monitored in mainland Portugal, 44 (+6) had a storage volume between 81% and 100%.

Thirteen reservoirs remained at between 61% and 80% of their capacity, four (-1) were at half capacity (51% to 60%), another four (-1) at almost half (between 41% and 50%), seven continued with 21% to 40% of the total volume stored and three (+1) with less than 20% of their capacity.

The Campilhas and Monte da Rocha reservoirs, both in the Sado hydrographic basin, with, respectively, 11% and 10% of their capacity, and Bravura, in the Western Algarve, with 12% of the total volume stored remained in a critical situation.

Of the 15 river basins monitored on Monday, eight had above-average water storage for the month of January and seven below.

Comparing with data from December 26th, released in the previous bulletin, the volume of water stored increased in 11 hydrographic basins and decreased in four.

According to the APA, the Lima and Douro basins were the ones that recorded the highest water storage on Monday (94.3%), followed by Vouga (94.1%), Tagus (91.9 %), Ave (89.2%), and Guadiana (85.1%).

The watersheds of Barlavento Algarvio (11.5%), Mira (36.9%), Arade (41.7%), Alentejo (43.4%), and Sado (49%) were those with the least water.