The cabin crew decided to accept TAP's proposal on 23 January and call off the strike scheduled for the period between 25 and 31 January, an official source from the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) told Lusa.

The proposal presented by TAP was approved with 654 votes in favour, 301 votes against and 20 abstentions.

“TAP welcomes the decision to cancel the Cabin Crew strike, taken today at the SNPVAC general meeting, which will allow the company to fulfil all the expectations created by passengers who trusted TAP to carry out their journeys” , said TAP, in reaction to the professionals' decision.

According to the air carrier, “this decision leads to a new stage in the life of TAP, reopening the negotiation of the new Company Agreement, now bringing together all the unions representing TAP workers, in the search for a balance that allows compliance with the terms of the Plan Restructuring”.

On the other hand, "the interests of all those involved are also ensured, in the pursuit of the path that will lead us to the necessary stability, sustainability and growth of the company".

"TAP's Executive Committee has fully committed itself to negotiations with SNPVAC, so that this outcome is possible, and will maintain this openness and dialogue with all structures representing workers", highlighted the company.

Thus, the operation of the air carrier “remains unchanged and all the commitments assumed” with customers “will be respected, in an unequivocal demonstration that all its professionals are strongly committed to the defense and development of TAP”.

Speaking to journalists, after about four hours of general assembly, the president of SNPVAC, Ricardo Penarroias, admitted that "there were concessions on both sides" and that the points that remained to be accepted in the TAP proposal accepted by the crew have not been discarded.