The Minister of Finance warns that it will be difficult to give a full response to the teachers' demands, pointing out that it is necessary to "take care of the balance of public accounts", in an interview with TVI. Fernando Medina points out that there are other professionals that also have demands, such as nurses and doctors, reiterating that “the general situation in the country” must be taken into account.

“These negotiations with the unions were opened on the initiative of the Government”, he said, having to do with “mobility and binding conditions”. But when asked if there is money to respond to the demands, the minister reiterates that "when we speak for teachers and the demands, we have to take into account the general situation in the country: not only teachers but also nurses and doctors".

Medina admits that the State “had more revenue”, but points out that a large part of the support and measures was returned and even so there was a deficit. “We have to take care of the balance of public accounts”, he concluded, adding that it is the Minister of Education who represents the government in negotiations with teachers.