“Of the 35.8% of buildings that needed repairs (1,278,826 buildings), 21.8% needed light repairs (780,126 buildings), 9.4% needed medium repairs (335,599 buildings) and 4.6% needed deep repairs (163,101 buildings)", says the study "What the Censuses tell us about housing”.

INE pointed out that “major regional discrepancies” were not verified. Central Alentejo, Baixo Alentejo, and Algarve were the regions with the highest proportions of buildings in need of repair, with 75.1%, 71.6%, and 70.7%, respectively.

“Buildings that did not need repair represented 72.2% of buildings with three floors and 68.3% of buildings with seven or more floors. Buildings in need of deep repair represented 6.8% of buildings with one floor, decreasing to 0.6% in buildings with seven or more floors”, points out the statistical institute in its analysis of the 2021 Census.