According to the non-technical study of the project, available on the public consultation online platform Participa ( ), at stake is the construction of around 30,000 photovoltaic modules, with a power of 17.9 megawatts (MW).

The plant will be built next to the current Serra d’el Rei wind farm to benefit from the existing infrastructure, namely the connection line to the national electricity grid.

EDP Renováveis intends to “hybridize with the existing power plant (Serra D'el Rei Wind Farm) and inherently produce electricity from a renewable, endogenous and non-polluting source – solar energy, thus contributing to Portuguese targets that refer to the production of energy from renewable sources, contained in the National Energy Strategy”.

It is estimated that the solar power plant can operate for 30 years, during which time 295 tons of carbon dioxide will be prevented from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Per year, studies point to a production of 25,598 MW/hour.

The construction phase will take 11 months and involve 70 workers.