Henrique Pires, who has more than 10 years' experience in the hotel industry, took over the Marketing and Communication department of the W Algarve in November 2022.

Henrique is from Setúbal and came to the Algarve in 2004 to study tourism. He did his academic training at INFTUR where he got a Technical Bachelor in Tourism Management Techniques, as well as at the University of Algarve where he graduated in Tourism in 2009. In 2022 he received the professional certification of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager from FLAG Digital Marketing School.

After graduating, he never stopped working in the hospitality sector. Henrique managed several marketing departments in hotels such as Pine Cliffs Resort, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts and Anantara Hotels & Resorts and had a working experience in the United Arab Emirates. With this know-how he was chosen to be responsible for the Marketing and Communications of the recently opened W Algarve.

"This brand has a lot to do with my lifestyle and it's a pleasure to work at the W Algarve hotel - the first in Portugal - especially in a region that means so much to me because I have lived in the Algarve for 14 years," he said.

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As a person, Henrique describes himself as a very active man. "My day doesn't have enough hours in it to keep up with everything I want to do! Right now, professionally speaking, it's a super demanding and exciting time, even though we are in a lower season. However, I always make sure I have time to enjoy my life. I enjoy doing sport and always take time for travelling."

A story of Portugal

At W Algarve, which opened its doors last year, all the details are well thought out. "Our main goal was to be as Portuguese and as Algarvian as possible. All the interior and exterior spaces were designed by AB studio, a very high profile Marriott partner that is based in Japan."

The hotel decoration seems that tells a story of tradition. In some areas of the hotel, “we have the representation of the entrance of light, as if we were in the caves of Benagil. Even in the outside, we have the Portuguese cobbles. Inside the rooms, we also have our mini bar with an Algarvian chimney where we have Portuguese products”, he said.

Credits: TPN; Author: Paula Martins;

In fact, W Algarve delivers an “experience that can only be lived here”, which starts right at the entrance. When we arrive at the hotel, there's an entire wall made by the Vista Alegre porcelain brand. In addition, there is a lounge area with decoration completely out of the box.

Not just for guests

Even for those who are not staying at the hotel, W Algarve offers a great experience with the various events that Henrique and his team have prepared for everyone.

"At the W Hotel, we can be ourselves. We are able to operate in a completely different way, which doesn't happen in the traditional hotel business. We are a lifestyle brand and we are able to bring this into our work," he said.

This concept is also part of the events that are promoted at the W Algarve. As an example, we have the case of Carnival, which will have a very different theme from what we are used to during this time of the year.

"Normally carnival is about being whoever we want to be, but we want our carnival party to be inclusive, so ours is called "Come as you are". We really want everyone to come in their own skin. This is our concept for our carnival party. Above all, we want to make a difference," he added.

Credits: TPN; Author: Paula Martins;

These events are not only for guests but also for locals. "We really want the locals to come. We have made a lot of effort to create theme events and parties for them to come and enjoy this space that is completely different and welcoming".

"The idea is that we can be as inclusive as possible - that's why we want to have more theme parties with different styles of music. We are working to bring in national and international artists so we can bring in as much talent as possible and deliver a W experience," he concluded.

"All the areas of the hotel are completely different from everything else in the Algarve. We have our own identity that sets us apart and we want every event to be meaningful", the marketing and communication director told The Portugal News.

If you would like to know more about this amazing space, please see https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/faowh-w-algarve/overview/


Paula Martins is a fully qualified journalist, who finds writing a means of self-expression. She studied Journalism and Communication at University of Coimbra and recently Law in the Algarve. Press card: 8252

Paula Martins