“The worry is.” Jenny and Anita pause whilst hoisting a crate load onto the APAA van. “That we’ll run out of venues!”

Not a chance. St Vincent’s on the 11th.“Next up is the special dinner, an event at ‘O Tasco’. One of our favourite ‘Pop-Up’ venues.” Special dinner? “Alexey Martinez, sings and plays guitar.” Anita explains. “He was the winner of Spain’s ‘The Voice.’ Wow! “He and his partner Leo, helped us with wreathing lessons last year.” So, charity does begin at home. Dinner at ‘O Tasco’ on Wednesday 1st March 7.30 pm. Details direct from Jenny +351 919 041 903 or email events.apaaportugal@gmail. Sounds too good to miss. “We have a ‘Pop-Up’ at ‘Casa do Pasto da Pareirrinha’ on the 3rd from 4pm-6pm. Loads of tools, mechanical and electrical.” Anita has finished with her loading. “As well as goodies for the ladies. As usual there will be homemade jams, preserves and chutneys. Not long after we will have a ‘Jolly’s Bar’ venue for our ‘Pop-Up’ in Alvor.” Jenny’s finished counting on her fingers. The two ladies have disappeared with a puff of smoke and a wave.

Protestors gathered, over forty thousand voices, with one common aim. To prevent the torture, abuse and maltreatment of animals. “These people, the largest number ever seen for animal protection in Portugal. Giving voice to those who have none.” João Ferreira of ARA, gives a solemn smile. “This day has marked history for the animals here in Portugal. Mistreating an animal should be a crime.” Indeed. Jenny Clarke of APAA, agrees wholeheartedly. “It’s amazing that so many people came together on one protest.

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, is not the only heart beating for the welfare of our furry friends. There are associations and shelters around Portugal, who are trying to make a voice, one that can be heard, on behalf of the suffering animals. Suffering at the hands of human beings in the name of ‘Cruelty’.

IRA, the Intervenção Resgate Animal is an important body fighting for the rights of animals. Those who attended the protest came from home and abroad, far and wide to make their footprint, on behalf of the furry four-paws brigade, and other creatures on our planet earth. IRA can be located, as can APAA, ARA and others on their websites. All worthy causes, needing help, financially, morally and physically. “Having a law, to prevent the harming of animals would be more than welcome. It is a necessity.” Contact: info.apaaportugal@gmail.com for information on events and ‘Pop-Ups’ web: appaportugal.com. Help us to Help You!