Besides what people think, dogs and cats may suffer from cold temperatures, they may shake and feel uncomfortable, just like human beings. During cold seasons, it is important to make sure that the pets’ vaccination is completed and updated, as they may suffer from colds and flu, just like us.

In addition, to vaccination and other health care, there are other ways to prevent animals from suffering from cold temperatures.

Under the blankets

When we are at home, having some rest on the sofa, or even lying on our bed, there is always a blanket to warm us up. For animals, the same trick may be used. If the owner allows, the animal, whether a dog or a cat, can lay down next to them to get some heat too. When talking about cats, there is the chance of having a pet on our feet, under the blankets, when we are lying on the bed. But do not worry, they can breathe very well under the blankets.

If the animal sleeps outside, make sure it has a little house, filled with blankets, to protect your pet from cold, and make sure it will stay healthy during this hard cold season.

Dressing fancy

This may divide opinions. Not every animal like to have clothes on and may rather be under a blanket. But, some dog breeds, such as a Chihuahua or Pug, due to their short hair and size may struggle when they face the cold. Just as clothes may help people in protecting from the cold and make them feel more comfortable, so too can clothes for animals.

Comfort food

Supplying the right nutrients to a pet will engage their cold resistance. It will be easier for a dog or a cat to handle the cold season while having a good diet.

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Catching sun

Whether on a balcony or even at the window. If possible, make sure that some sunlight is entering the home. During cold days, a pet will follow the sunbeams that enter the house through a window.

Be careful!

Before driving a car, if it is parked outside, make sure there is no animal under the car. During the cold season, it is normal to find animals protected from the cold under cars, especially cats. To avoid any problems make sure to inspect all corners of the car, including the engine.


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