The Louletano Sports Club (LSC) received a very special visit on the pitch when Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA) brought some of its furry rescued residents to meet Louletano’s football team.

The visit marks the importance of social well-being across all sections of society, with both parties expressing a “daily commitment from both institutions to ensure better conditions to the borough’s animals”.

The date was celebrated with a photoshoot donated by Carlos Filipe, who offered his work to visually materialise this bridge between sports and the animal cause.

ARA and LSC also announced that “from today we will be holding hands in order to be able to live together in a world where animal welfare is also a priority”.

Both parties plan on continuing to work together, with the football team announcing their support for ARA’s work in future matches; whether through further visits from ARA and its residents to the stadium, or through the use of banners on the pitch during matches.

Animal Rescue Algarve was founded in early 2018 and has rescued and treated over 1000 animals, rehoming more than 900 of them (mainly cats and dogs).

ARA’s shelter, located in the Cabanita area, was built according to the highest international standards – in order to respond to all the needs of its rescued residents. This investment (which continues to grow) is unprecedented in the animal welfare and rights in the Algarve.