In the session, the social democrat Fernando Monteiro stated that "the Government, from one day to the next, announced a perverse and disastrous package of measures for the market, demonising Local Accommodation".

"This motion urges the Government to reflect on Local Accommodation, leaving this matter in the sphere of the decision of the municipalities", said the municipal elected official.

In the motion, which Lusa had access to, the PSD urges the Government and, in particular, the Prime Minister, António Costa, to reverse the decision to discretionarily suspend the issuance of AL licenses, as well as requests the Minister of Housing "the result of the plan presented in 2018 with the list of properties in Porto owned by the State".

Raul Almeida, from the independent movement, considered the Mais Habitação program a package of measures "the most centralist there is", by "harming small landowners and the dream of the Portuguese middle class, which is coercively expropriated by the State".

"This was not what the 25th of April was for", said the deputy, adding that "nothing of the cacophony that was announced respects" the Constitution.

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