A network of animal shelters across the Algarve and hinterland. Where helping each other is an automatic response. APAA’s motto ‘Here to Help’ stands proudly. As does Jenny, its President. “We’ve realised over the years, that no one is an island. Especially when it comes to animals and their welfare.” She and some of her close allies within APAA, have recently been in discussions with ARA, where does the future lie, in the care of animals, their welfare?

Sid Richardson a businessman and entrepreneur worked wonders with his animal shelter outside Loulé. He is lucky to have a dedicated team of volunteers and staff. João Ferreira is ARA’s General Manager. “Looking after abandoned animals is a full-time job.” Says João. Jenny agrees. Animals require dedication. APAA’s motto is being put to the test. The two associations are working out future interests. Keeping their own agendas, whilst heading up fruitful future project plans. Keep tuned in.

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In the meantime, APAA’s three abandoned pups, still attached to their umbilical cords, have each been given their chance of a lifetime a forever home! Thank you community!

“APAA’s dinner at ‘O Tasco’ is a sell-out!” Jenny is a very happy bunny. APAA other ‘Pop-Ups’ are hot on the trail. ‘Casa de Pasto da Parerreinha’ in Odelouca 4-6pm 3rd March, will be selling all sorts of gadgets and tools, mechanical, electrical, and manual. “You name it!” Anita laughs. “The DIY’ers love this event.”

Jenny will be introducing her new jam. “Apple and ginger. Chunky and mouth-watering!” The Portugal News has had a first taster and “A new marmalade kicks off as well.”

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Next is The ‘Jolly’ Bar outside Alvor. Promising to be a really fun charity event with guests appearing.” 10.30-2pm on 24 March. Isabel Searle’s ‘Tiny Shelter’ table. A welcome to Gill Goode’s cards and prints. Fiona’s Fi-Line fashion, handmade jewellery, natural make-up. What else? “Home-made cookies, delicious jams, chutneys, preserves. Peg bags, ornaments, glassware. Books.” Anita counts off items. “You really must come along. Pop-in and see.”

Jenny is sporting the new APAA polo-shirt, in bright fuchsia. “Pop-in check us out. We welcome regulars and newcomers.” All APAA’s proceeds are in aid of SNiP (Spaying and Neutering Programme) along with re-homing animals.

APAA’s AGA 13 March 11.30 with coffee Members only. Lunch for everyone 12.30 ‘Recanto dos Mouros’ Silves. Book direct with Jenny at +351 919 041 903 or events.apaaportugal@gmail,com or Info.apaaportugal@gmail.com.

Forever homes for cat ‘Emma’, Doggies ‘Ella’, ‘Lilley, ‘Dusty’ & ‘Rafa’.

Contact: Gary Pet Park +351 926 660 465 ghulme23@yahoo.co.uk