After receiving a proposal from the city council, owners of vacant properties “in habitable conditions” will have 100 days to use them until they are forced into coercive leasing, according to the proposal that the Government has placed in public consultation.

"Properties for residential use classified as vacant", may "be subject to forced leasing by the municipalities, for subsequent subleasing within the scope of public housing programs", reads the proposal published on the Lex Consulta website.

To this end, the Government determines that it will be up to the municipal councils to present a proposal to the owner, who will have “a period of 10 days from its receipt” to respond. In case of refusal or lack of response by the owner, “and if the property remains vacant for another 90 days, the municipalities will proceed with the forced lease of the property”, it reads.

The Executive also explains that if the property needs work, this can also be done "coercively by the municipalities", with the "compensation carried out on account of the rents due".

As had already been advanced by the Executive, outside are the “second homes, homes of emigrants or homes of people displaced for professional, training or health reasons“, which are “acquired for resale by natural or legal persons”, as well as such as “part of a tourist enterprise or registered as a local accommodation establishment” or that “pending legal actions” prevent their use.

This is one of several measures included in the “More Housing” package, presented by the Executive on February 16 and which is in public consultation until March 10. The measures will cost around 900 million euros (excluding the cost of works, purchases or rents that may be paid by the State) from the State Budget for 2023.