The new platform for obtaining residence permits in Portugal for citizens of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) under the mobility agreement between the Member States of the organization was presented by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) in a ceremony that took place at the Ministry of Internal Administration.

In addition to CPLP immigrants with processes pending at the SEF until December 2022, citizens with CPLP visas issued by Portuguese consulates after October 31, 2022 can also obtain a residence permit “fully automatically and 'online'”, explained the national director of the SEF.

Fernando Silva noted that this measure has a “maximum reach of 150,000 citizens”, which corresponds to visas issued and expressions of interest made at the SEF until December 2022, but may translate into a smaller number, since many of them may have already left Portugal.

The same official explained that these citizens can, from Monday, access the 'CPLP portal', through the SEF and websites, and apply for a residence permit.

The director highlighted that these residence permit concessions are “exclusively 'online', without the need for any other type of interaction with the service or physical travel to a service point”.

However, in the case of minors involved in the legalization process, it is necessary to go “afterwards to a SEF service point”.

According to the same official, the residence permit for CPLP immigrants will cost 15 euros and the availability of this document in an electronic model will take “as a rule 72 hours”.

Fernando Silva advanced that, in a second phase, this process will be extended to CPLP citizens who are in Portugal and who have not yet applied for a residence permit with the SEF or who have done so after January 2023.

The SEF director also said that, in the near future, the 'CPLP portal' for obtaining residence permits will only be available on the website.