Water is essential to life, but it is a limited resource. It is therefore up to each one of us to attach importance to it and take responsibility for the use we make of it.

According to DECO: "It is crucial to improve the management of this resource and with a few tips we can make the most of our water consumption and save money".

Here are some suggestions that DECO gives to save water:

· Keep your home plumbing in good condition to prevent leaks. If your taps keep dripping, call a plumber;

· Put flow reducers on your taps that allow a reduction in water consumption of around 50 percent.

· Get dual-flush toilets, as it is in the flushing process that we have the largest amount of wasted water;

· Take regular meter readings to keep track of your bills and expenses;

· Use washing machines (dishes or clothes) with a full load. Remember that long cycles use more water;

· If you wash the dishes by hand, turn off the tap while soaping;

· Choose showers to baths, and while the water is heating up, put a bucket in the shower and use it to water plants or wash the floor;

· Water the garden or vegetable patch at the beginning or end of the day when evaporation is lowest.

Support water saving in your family, adopt these habits now and you will see that the value of your bill decreases significantly, not to mention the environmental benefits!

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If you find a water leak on the public highway, report it to your local municipal services or other entity responsible for water management.

Can't understand your bill? Do you have any questions about your water consumption?

DECO can help you by calling +351 289 863 103 or emailing deco.algarve@deco.pt. Please, feel free to book an appointment via skype and follow DECO on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube!


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