AdA owns 3 photovoltaic plants and has 4 more plants currently under construction. The company also owns 55 installations equipped with photovoltaic micro production units, totalling a capacity of 220 kWp.

Water treatment facilities to be run on renewable energy

The main objection for this investment is to increase the production of 100% renewable energy, which will be used primarily for self-consumption. This is a part of wider plan to achieve energy neutrality in the operations of the Águas de Portugal group by 2030.

The goal is to curtail energy consumption in vital sectors such as water supply and wastewater treatment while significantly bolstering the generation of renewable energy.

Portugal is one of the most vulnerable countries within the European Union (EU) to the effects of climate change, so a lot of efforts have been made to move towards a greener society.

Making use of 300 days of sunshine

The Algarve is an ideal region for the installation of photovoltaic power stations, given the fact this region benefits from the highest number of hours of sunshine in the country. The amount of strong sun this region receives each year is ideal for obtaining consistently high amounts of solar energy production.

Green plans for the future

The future looks promising for green energy production in the Algarve, and across Portugal. Over the next decade, an estimated investment of €44.8 million is projected to be allocated towards the establishment of renewable energy plants.

These facilities will primarily harness wind, hydro, and solar power, serving as a crucial component of the ZERO Programme. Developed by Águas do Algarve, SA, this initiative falls under the broader Energy Neutrality Programme of the AdP Group.