The subscription price is almost 19% above inflation during the same period.

The high subscription cost of streaming services led to several people deciding to share accounts with friends and family - and some of them even end up enjoying it without paying.

A study by HelloSafe Portugal and reported by NM, reveals two important sets of data in this context: 4.5 million people use streaming services, but only 74% pay for access; and, in the specific case of Netflix, the end of account sharing could yield more than 1.2 million euros per month.

However even though it is one of the most expensive options, Netflix remains the preferred platform for the Portuguese, concludes the same report.

HelloSafe Portugal also indicates that, in the last seven years, the price charged by Netflix for a subscription has increased by an average of 27%. With regard to the increase in the Premium plan, the increase in Portugal is 34%.

These increases become even more relevant when it is noted that since 2015, when Netflix started operating in Portugal, the adjustments have been much higher than the accumulated inflation in the same period in the country. The study, therefore, indicates that Netflix's adjustment to the subscription price was 18.7% above inflation.