Some of The Algarveans finest actors will be on stage for this double bill with fantastic comic timing and exquisite characterisation. All four cast members are no strangers to Tristram’s work having taken part in ‘Duets'. If you saw that play you will know how hilarious Tristram’s plays are. And if you didn’t, you have a wonderful surprise in store.

Tracey Christiansen was Mother Superior in 'Nunsense’ (2021) and labelled by a critic as ‘the best live comedy performance in a play’ they had seen for years. Alan Smith was outstanding as The Dame in the recent panto ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, Frank Remiatte is superb in all roles and particularly as the Lion in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Val Lefrère gave hilarious performances in both ‘Nunsense’ and ‘Duets’. The four characters they play are not quite caricatures but you will recognise these in practically every am-dram society the world over.

The Algarveans rely on their audiences’ and members’ support to keep this English-speaking group on the most South Westerly tip of Europe alive and kicking. In addition to Little Grimley, they are holding a series of workshops and a Murder Mystery interactive event in June. And don’t forget the Panto in November!

Double bill Last Tango in Little Grimley and Lockdown in Little Grimley is playing at the Carlos de Carmo Auditorium in Lagoa on 23, 24 and 25 March at 7:45 p.m. Tickets are 12.50 and available online at or in person at Auditório Carlos do Carmo, Convento de S. José in Lagoa. Also available at Worten and FNAC shops or online from their websites.

Image (left to right): Frank Remiatte as Gordon, Valerie Lefrère as Margaret, Tracey Christiansen as Joyce, and Alan Smith as Bernard.