Reacting to the presentation of TAP's results, which show a return to positive results ahead of the restructuring plan, after losses of €1,600 million in 2021, the union says that it will however give "a vote of confidence" to the TAP's new Executive Board, which will soon take office.

"The meagre result of TAP last year was achieved only at the expense of wage cuts for workers, with the pilots contributing substantially to this, with a wage cut of 45% in 2022. We emphasise, therefore, that these weak results do not even cover the value of what would be annual remuneration, without cuts, for the pilots!", says SPAC in a statement.

SPAC also says that the airline's accounts prove that "it was and continues to be the workers, and in particular the pilots, who financed the viability of the company, in their double capacity" of taxpayers and employees with the wages cut.

"We conclude, as we have been warning for a long time, that TAP's Restructuring Plan only foresees, as a structural measure, wage cuts and the degradation of working conditions, without locating, eliminating or mitigating what in fact impacts sustainability of the company".

The union also says that it hopes to be able to unite efforts between management and workers, with the new executive management, "so that those in the front line can be heard and contribute directly to the true reconstruction of the company", of which everyone wants to be a part of.

SPAC's accusation about the way in which TAP obtained profits last year, at the expense of wage cuts, was also expressed today by the Union of Aviation and Airport Workers (Sitava), which denounced that they were obtained "at the expense of the sacrifice of workers without looking at the means”.