During a press conference, the director of Primavera Sound Porto, José Barreiro, revealed that growth is the word that characterizes the festival, in the year in which it celebrates its tenth edition.

The festival "grows" from three to four days, from 60 to 76 artists and to a capacity to accommodate 45,35 people daily instead of the previous 35 thousand, the result of the increase of the enclosure which is the city's park with about six hectares, he explained.

"We will have news [about sponsorships] soon because there is a lot to be negotiated. Of course, the support of the municipality is very important, but it does not solve all the problems because we are talking about an investment of 13 million euros and we need not only public support, but also private support," he said.

José Barreiro believes that the sustainable growth of the festival involves attracting more foreign audiences, namely Americans where in the 2022 edition there were around 1,000.

Adding that the Spanish, English, Italian and German public had already allowed themselves to be "won over" by Primavera Sound do Porto.

In terms of the poster, the director of the event highlighted presences such as Rosalia, Kendrick Lamar, New Order, Blur, Pet Shop Boys and Halsey.

On its official Facebook page, the organiser of the festival also announced that due to logistical problems the concert of FKA Twigs has been cancelled, having now the replacement of Alison Goldfrapp.

"It's the most ambitious poster we've done in 10 years of history. It is a profound and transversal line-up" said Alfonso Lanza, director of Primavera Sound Barcelona, who was also present at the press conference.

For his part, the mayor of Porto, the independent Rui Moreira, said that the support of this for the festival went from about 200 thousand euros to 650 thousand.

The increase in the capacity to receive the public does not scare the mayor who stressed that Porto is "up to the task" both in terms of accommodation and catering.

Rui Moreira also took the opportunity to criticize advertising agencies for focusing on Lisbon, forgetting that some of the consumers of their products also live in Porto.

"I call to the attention of the northern industry that works with these agencies that from time to time it is necessary to warn that some of the consumers of their products also live here," he said.