According to the SMAQ, “even issues that require urgent resolution and that depend exclusively on the CP (Comboios Portugal) are not resolved”.

From April 1 to 30, workers in the driver or technical driver categories will be on strike.

In turn, from April 17 to 21, workers with the categories of traction inspector or chief traction inspector will be on strike during all normal work periods with an expected duration of more than six hours.

Also under the terms of the communiqué, throughout the month of April, all workers in the categories represented by SMAQ will be on strike for the entire period of service, whenever they are assigned a normal period of daily work whose schedule is not included in the scales in force at the start of the strike.

Finally, between April 16 and 22, workers in the categories represented by the SMAQ will be on strike “for all overtime work, including work on weekly rest days”.

In February and March, strikes called by various CP unions led to the cancellation of hundreds of trains daily.